1. The listing photos are not adequate.

One of the most important tools  for a seller is good quality photos of their home. Photos give buyers a better idea ofthe property’s size and appearance, and may be the factor that helps them decide whether or not to arrange an inspection.  A professional photographer should always be hired to take listing photographs.

 Another way to improve your photos is to ensure that the home is spotless and well-staged before the photos are taken. If there is clutter in the background, it will distract buyers rather than entice them. 

2. The home is priced incorrectly 

The house may be in pristine condition, but if the price is not right it won’t sell. It is very  important to  stay up to date with comparable properties on the market and to price a home accordingly. 

If a house is priced to high it will sit on the market and buyers may assume there are larger issues that are causing it to stay put. If the home is priced to low the seller is leaving money on the table, and again, buyers may think the low price means there are pre-existing issues with the home. 

3. The home needs some TLC

The seller should have amenities comparable to other properties for sale in that price range and should really upgrade certain amenities. The changes can be as simple as changing  out light fixtures or faucets. 

A Real Estate agent should always assess the home before it hits the market so that these changes can make the biggest impact when the house goes live


4. The home lacks curb appeal

If potential buyers can't get past the front yard, you’re not going to get them in the front door.

Is is so important to lay fresh mulch, paint the front door, clean the windows and mow the lawn. If nothing else the Seller should do this!

5. There’s too much clutter

After the photos are taken some Sellers let their home co back to the state it was in. It is very important to edit the items that you have in the home for the showings.It is important to remove family  photos, taste-specific artwork, notes attached to the fridge.

 Buyers want to see the potential, not so much a kindergarten project and clutter in the garage.